The 4GAS Internet Device allows for you to connect over WIFI to access the internet.

To get started, make sure your Internet Device is connected, powered up and is displaying a green WIFI signal in the front panel of the device 


Now using your wireless device, search for the available wireless (WIFI) networks and make a connection to network that displays “4GAS_XXXXXX”, this is your new network.


You will be required to provide your WIFI KEY this is also called a wireless password(passphrase), this can be found on the bottom of your internet device (See example of sticker below):


Upon successful WIFI connection, you should be able to access the internet and start enjoying your new internet service. If you are interested in updating your device from the default password, then continue to read on.




The 4GAS Internet Device is completely customizable to your needs, here we will explain how to change your WIFI password.

In order to change your WIFI KEY (Passphrase/Password) your Internet device MUST be connected over a Ethernet connection (Ethernet cable supplied), you cannot change your WIFI KEY over a WIFI connection.


Follow the steps listed below to change your WIFI KEY:


Step 1. Make sure your device is connected to the 4GAS Internet device.

Step 2. Open an up an internet browser such as Google Chrome.

Step 3. Type in the following information in the URL section of the web browser, and then hit enter. (See Example):

Step 4. Enter the password to access the modem, The default password is the word “admin”. (See Example):


Step 5. You will now be at the 4GAS internet device home page, now look for a section that says NETWORK SETTINGS, in the box you will be able to find the link to update your WIFI settings, click on the WIFI settings link to continue. (See Example):


Step 6. After you click on the WIFI settings link above, you will now have access to change the WIFI KEY, in this menu you can also change the WIFI Name (SSID) from 4GAS_XXXXX to what ever you like. (See Example):

Step 7. After you have completed the changes above, hit apply to save your changes. Remember any devices connected to the previous WIFI network will have to be reprogrammed to connect to the new network you just created. It is recommended after you have saved your changes to the internet device to power cycle the device.



The 4GAS Internet Device offers additional WIFI setting options such as WPS, MAC control and more..


Allows you to turn the WIFI on or off. 






WPS offers an easier way to connect to the 4GAS internet device and an alternative to using a WIFI KEY, either by 8 digit PIN security or by PBC (Push Button Control), You can find out more about WPS by doing a google search on the internet.


Advanced Settings SECTION

Advanced Settings. This section allows you to make changes to the WIFI radio inside the 4GAS Internet device such as WIFI technology and country. Your modem comes preset from the factory to work with your wireless devices. Changes should not need to be made, but you can if you wish.







  • Set MAC address filtering mode in the WLAN MAC Filter drop-down list box.
  • Ruleless:Disable the WLAN MAC fliter.
  • White List:Allow a client to connect to the device using the WLAN if the clients MAC address exists in the MAC Address list.
  • Black List:Deny a clients connection to the device using the WLAN if the clients MAC address exists in the MAC Address list.

WLAN MAC. This section allows you to make changes to who can access your WIFI network, this is used for OPEN networks that wish to allow only certain devices on the internet. Your device is set to allow all devices to work as long as they have the WIFI KEY that you provide to the user.