Featuring the GTEN® Model 7

Fixed wireless 5G Internet Modem Router.

5G Technology in your home business for everyone to share.

The GTEN Model 7 5G Modem Router Features:

  • The super fast X55 Qualcomm 5G Radio module for hyper speeds on 5G/LTE
  • Carrier UNLOCKED! Can be used anywhere with any carrier SIM card!
  • High speed Gigabit LAN Ethernet network with Wired WAN fail-over.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology that support a,b,g,n and AC/AX 802.1 standards.
  • LTE 4×4 MIMO Antenna design with Internal and External SMA antenna ports.
  • Easy to use WEB interface with VPN support.
  • USB Media port for local network data/printer sharing.
  • Advanced cellular connection options including band locking.
  • Rugged black v2 housing to provide support of internal components.
  • Wired WAN Fail-over support for Satellite and Fiber networks.
  • Advanced firewall options.
  • Dual channel Wi-Fi configuration with Guest options.
  • Complete 5G/LTE Signal Status and Information.
  • 5G NSA-DSS and LTE Carrier Aggregation Status indicator.
  • 5G SA (stand alone settings available) (support for T-Mobile n71)
  • WAN/LAN/WLAN controls with IPv6 compliance.
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi grade settings with Radius support.
  • Dual Carrier and Dual SIM Support – 3X Fail-over

We also feature GTEN® LTE Routers

LTE Internet Modem Routers with Wi-Fi and more.

LTE Internet with added features.

The GTEN Model 4 R3 Modem Router Features:

  • Wi-Fi technology and an Ethernet port for adding wired devices.
  • External antenna ports to enhance reception.
  • Easy to use WEB interface.
  • Instant connectivity cellular networks.
  • Works with all carriers and is factory unlocked.
  • Features internal battery backup for service during power failure.

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