Replace your antiquated satellite internet with neighborhood based data services from Infinite.

Internet done the right way with Infinite Fixed Wireless plans.

Infinite Internet fixed wireless data plans offer the very best internet experience over Satellite services. With Infinite you get more benefits, more value, more of what you love.Let’s find your perfect plan:

Priced with affordability in mind.

Infinite Internet is priced at only $129.99 a month for our base plan. Infinite offers high data allotments, greater video conferencing streaming quality and a much better fixed wireless network.


Ideal for extensive video streaming, gaming and media broadcasting.
  • Peak download speeds (up to) 100Mbps*
  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • Higher speeds compared to satellite
  • Best Video quality available 4K in upgraded locations
  • Use as much data as you need, no data stops at all!
  • No contracts, commitments and credit checks required.

What type of data plan do we offer?

INFINITE INTERNET uses Fixed Wireless Internet service data plans which are available in select markets in the United States and offers an UNLIMITED data with the first 1024 gigabytes of usage at our best speeds available per monthly cycle. Service while using this plan may be subject to slower speeds during times of congestion.

What is the defention of best speeds?

Best speeds means when the network is busy or congested, the quality of the internet may be degraded and will fall behind other customers until the congestion has been relieved, while a customer is in this tier, they will experience a connection to internet however in relation to speeds customers may experience slower than normal traffic, including video buffering.

What happens if I use over 1024 gigabytes in a month?

Very few customers use this much data in a monthly cycle however if this may happen to you, your service may be subject to additional slower data traffic which limit video streaming and many other applications until your data reset date.

Rate Plan Terms & Conditions?

UPDATED 9/5/2023

The rates set forth in this Rate Card are the Infinite Internet rates that apply to Services provided under the Master Resale Agreement, with contract rates effective as of the Effective Date indicated above. The rates listed below will apply for the term of every program participant line that is activated while this Rate Card is in effect.

Subsequently published rates will not be applied retroactively to any monthly recurring charges for those previously ordered, continuously active lines in good standing and in accordance with the program requirements and the Mobile Services Addendum. The rates listed applicable to Service Components are subject to change from time to time as set forth in the Agreement, including, without limitation, by publication of a new Rate Card.

In such an event, as of the effective date of any new Rate Card, the new rates will replace the rates for the Service components in any prior Rate Card for all subsequent orders.

Rate plan upgrades to different plan tiers can take effect the date of the rate plan change, or at the beginning of the next bill cycle. All upgrades made during the bill cycle must go to the higher tier. Backdated rate plan changes or plan tier downgrades are prohibited on these plans and will be charged at the higher rate.

Rate plan changes to a product on a different rate card during a billing cycle are prohibited and will be re-rated to the original plan including any overage. If a customer wants to change to a different rate card, these changes should be made effective on the first day of the next bill cycle.

References in this Rate Card to a Service Component are not an indication of the availability of a specific Service Component. Not all services or features may be available. Infinite sales representatives should be consulted for specific Service Component availability information.



Eligibility: Available only to Solution Providers with a qualified wireless service agreement and only for their Corporate Responsibility User (“CRU”) lines of service. For full-service terms and conditions of service, see applicable wireless service agreement, including without limitation the Additional Service- and Equipment-Related Terms found at infiniteic.com/q&a

(Grandfathered) Infinite LTE Internet: DATA RESTRICTIONS: Service may be slowed down during times of congestion after the 50GB on the 25 Mbps Plan and 150GB on the 50 Mbps Plan Premium allotment is exhausted, this plan provides an UNLIMITED usage allotment. After 300GB per month cycle, then service will be slowed down to up to 1Mbps for the remainder of monthly data cycle. Audio and video streaming, picture and video messaging, and other data usage will be impacted and may not be fully functional. VIDEO STREAMING: Video speed is capped at 10 Mbps until the 300GB usage allotment then slowed down to 600 Kbps for the remainder of the data cycle, Recommended streaming quality is 1080p (HD), regardless of which network device is on (for example 4G LTE). Ability to stream, video resolution, and other data usage (including speed) are not guaranteed, may vary, and be affected by a variety of other factors.

(Current) Infinite Internet: DATA RESTRICTIONS: UNLIMITED DATA while connected to the network is subject to service being slowed down during times of congestion. Audio and video streaming, picture and video messaging, and other data usage will be impacted and may not be fully functional during congestion. VIDEO STREAMING: Video speed is not capped, but recommended streaming quality is 2160p (4K), regardless of which network device is on (for example 5G). Ability to stream, video resolution, and other data usage (including speed) are not guaranteed, may vary, and be affected by a variety of other factors.

Download speeds may vary by location, INFINITE INTERNET does not guarantee the speed of any service provided.

5G NETWORK ACCESS & COVERAGE. 5G service is not available in most areas; it is available only in very limited parts of specific cities. Other restrictions apply, Visit http://maps.infiniteic.com/ for exact coverage information on the network.

ALL PLANS: Available only to Infinite customers with a qualified wireless service plan, DATA: For use in the United States (Domestic Coverage Area or DCA). Off-net (roaming) data may be at 2G speed. MISCELLANEOUS: Plans not available for purchase in retail stores nor other select channels.

Business Agreement Discounts: These plans may not be eligible for additional discounts, including but not limited to service discounts described in the Business Agreement.

Excessive Usage: Plans are designed for use with an GTEN Router and not intended to support tablets, hot spots or other data only devices. Line must be activated with the IMEI of the device that will be in use. Removing a SIM from the device that was activated and placing it in an ineligible device is prohibited and may lead to the line being disconnected. Data speeds will slow when the threshold has been met, however if a plan change is made during a bill cycle the threshold may be reset resulting in more data usage than defined by the plan. It is encouraged that plan changes are made at the beginning of the next bill cycle to avoid excessive usage above the tier threshold. Lines will be considered to have excessive usage if the data usage exceeds two consecutive months of abusive usage. Infinite may provide notification after any billing period in which the client exceeds this average. Upon receipt of notification, Client will have the following billing period to cure the excess usage. Failure to cure may lead to termination from the Program.

ROAM NORTH AMERICA FEATURE: Allows plan data for use inside the United States with no roaming in and to Mexico/Canada. DATA: Allows domestic plan data usage in inside the Unites States only. Off-net (roaming) data may be at 2G speed. Restrictions: Service not available on select mobile hotspot devices.

GENERAL WIRELESS SERVICE TERMS: Subject to applicable Business Agreement. If Infinite determines the use of the services violates any of the applicable terms or policies found in the Business Agreement, Infinite may in its sole discretion suspend, modify, terminate, or restrict service.

Excessive Off-Net Usage: Client will receive an off-net (roaming) usage allowance for each service. If the client exceeds the allowance, the service(s) may be restricted or terminated. Other restrictions apply and may result in service termination. Credit approval may be required. Infinite reserves the right to suspend or terminate service to client’s account, place any non-complying device on an appropriate plan, and/or add any other required element of a plan.
Other Monthly Charges: Apply per line and may include taxes, federal/state universal service charges, a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), a gross receipts surcharge, an Administrative Fee, and other governmental assessments (including without limitation a Property Tax Allotment surcharge of $0.20 – $0.45 applied per CRU’s assigned number), which are not government-required charges. Pricing, fees, promotions, options, restrictions, and terms subject to change and may be modified, discontinued, or terminated at any time without notice. Enter your ZIP Code to find specific tax rates and charges based on your primary place of use and info about other charges and fees. Additional one-time charges may apply. See 4gantennashop.com for more details.

Coverage: Coverage map shows high level approximation of areas included in and out of plan. For the most current coverage info, check maps.infiniteic.com. Coverage may include areas served by unaffiliated carriers and not on Infinite’s owned and operated network (off-net). Arrangements with these carriers may change from time to time, and coverage is subject to change without notice. Service is intended for use primarily within the DCA. For full-service terms and conditions, see the Business Agreement.

Infinite Internet Acceptable Data Use Policy

As stated on the Infinite Internet Corporation website. This policy will be the same for this plan.

FCC Broadband Facts