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A humble beginning to an awesome product.

An idea is the way everything comes to light. In 2010, a young but seasoned CLEARWIRE technician decided on a path to improve the quality of Internet service for a group of consumers struggling with poor signal and slow speeds. His inspirational “How To” YouTube videos and antenna modifications led him and his business partner to what is the Infinite Internet Corporation today. Founded and established in 2011 to provide the population of Rural Americans with quality internet services and close the gap of the digital divide. 10 years later, we are still committed to the same community of customers and providing the best internet solutions possible to our fellow Americans.

Every business is different. The data solutions provided by the Infinite Internet Corporation are tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our product offers best in class data speeds with nationwide coverage that will save you money and help your business succeed.

The entire team at the Infinite Internet Corporation will help you get the best solution you deserve. Our wonderful support team is highly trained in wireless technologies. We are currently providing thousands of active clients with business-class solutions at affordable prices. So, come join the winning team in wireless internet services.

Excellent products, rich history and highly committed to excellence.


Take your business to the next level.

At IIC, we measure our company success by the growth of our agents in the field.

We offer our most successful agent opportunity in the industry, with so many advanced options available, it is no wonder why IIC continues to strive as a lead internet service provider in the wireless internet industry.

Our agent program allows for massive growth in sales, while the IIC team of business professionals protect your hard work and investment by providing industry leading customer service to every single customer. This will enable your business an opportunity to acquire additional revenue because all you need to focus is on is sales, we at IIC do the rest.

We are seeking agents for a long-term partnership with unlimited potential. If you are interested in working with the best in the industry, then we invite you to send your information to us by clicking the link.

This is an opportunity with our corporation. Join the best, Join Infinite.

The Infinite Advantage: Serious about agent growth!

  • Serious opportunity for those that show high commitment to our culture.
  • Industry leading agent pay and uncapped earnings potential.
  • Extensive training provided by our team of managers.
  • Lead/Master agent positions available for top performers.
  • Satisfaction of helping the community and homeowners through the Internet sign-up process.
  • Relaxed work environment where effort and results are the focus.
  • Unlimited support from an experienced team to help you and your customer.

Infinite monetary gains in the wireless industry are substantial!

We’ve only just begun to shape a successful business model!

The demand is extremely high. Currently Infinite Internet has deployed over 50,000 LTE assets across rural America. But the demand is much greater! With the right partnership, Infinite Internet can deploy 4x the current deployment within 3 months and reach half a million assets in less than a year. Considering the potential this market and the minimal impact that this program will have on the normal wireless handset client, the possibilities are much greater without the stress of taking away from any resources that would make the network suffer.

While traditional UNLIMITED plans may seem attractive on the surface, they can cause major headaches for the consumer in this market. For that reason, Infinite Internet is deploying a pay per gigabyte solution to ensure clients will never have to worry about slow speeds or being without data. This way, subscribers will be pleased to have a service that provides them the exact details of what they are getting instead of just hoping they will be free from data restriction.

Infinite Internet enforcement is pivotal in avoiding SIM cards from regular business and consumer accounts to be placed in hotspots or wireless modems and allowing this data to be used for abusive purposes. Restrictions such as TAC blocks and enforcement of slower speeds after AUP abuse are imperative to ensure smooth sailing on the wireless network. These network structure changes will make for a long-term beneficial and profitable program for all involved.

Quality data services should not only be for the urban demographic. With LTE we can reach millions of people that right now are stuck 10-20 years behind of what we get today in wire-line services.

Infinite Internet thinking ahead and moving forward.

Network estimated growth volume and purchase potential:

  • 3,500,000 Arrogate Gigabytes volume per month Q3 (September-December 31, 2022)
  • 40,000 New Sim Activation’s
  • 40,000 New Static IP’s Licenses

Infinite Internet Target deployment schedule:

  1. Extensive Rural America deployment only, Infinite Internet will not deploy in any major urban market.
  2. Five-year locked terms agreement with increased discounts based on growth purchase volume.
  3. Single carrier commitment ability in areas that are covered by more than one market.
  4. Open ability to resell to all channels partners and markets in Rural America.
  5. Infinite Internet commitment to enforce non authorized resellers and regular business consumers from attempting to duplicate model without a carrier authorization and utilizing non authorized plans.
  6. Infinite Internet in cooperation with all agencies will be commitment to provide and report all abusive practices to carrier to assist with the enforcement of item #5.
  7. Infinite Internet will not rely on carrier support unless in the event of a system-wide outage and carrier will provide all necessary tools to help IIC limit demand on carrier human interaction.

Infinite Internet Network estimated growth potential into year 2021:

  • 10,000,000 Arrogate Gigabytes volume per month Q2 (April-June 2023)
  • Additional 80,000 Sim Activations
  • Additional 80,000 Static IPs
  • Additional 80,000 PN Licenses

This wide-scale deployment will potentially benefit and convert over 2.5 Million unhappy satellite subscribers.

Infinite Internet dependency on provider support.

At Infinite Internet we believe that minimal provider support is required to run a great wholesale (MVNO) program on any carrier. Infinite Internet boasts some of the best Rural America architects in the industry that understand the wireless market down to the core along with responsible deployment strategies that are in best practices in the entire market.

With the right internal tools, such as LTE assets mapping, asset management and the avoidance of over-saturation in any particular market, we can continue to provide an overall amazing internet experience with little or no impact to other wireless users.

To be successful in this deployment some of the internal tools required are:

  • Ability to restrict use of alternate APN (Access Point Names) to circumvent system controls, MTN(SIM) must be restricted or unusable if not on authorized APN.
  • VPN system management through partners like Asavie.
  • Ability to deploy Static IP environment in order to troubleshoot remotely.
  • Carrier hard stops on any sort of “unlimited” data plans if not deployed in a per GB scenarios, reductions of speeds must be enforced.
  • Access to mapping tools to ensure proper deployment of LTE assets.
  • Ability to have data usage APIs and be able to manage SIMs, including network refresh, SIM card updates and SIM suspensions.
  • Bulk activation tools for large case deployment if needed.
  • TAC, IMEI restrictions to avoid SIM being placed in unauthorized devices.

With these simple tools, Infinite Internet can operate efficiently and not rely on the carrier to provide support, therefore reducing overall human interaction. As well we can provide advanced technical support services on a broad scale to various use cases in the industry.

Let's get started, We'll call you.
  • Let's get started, We'll call you.

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