Infinite Advantage Acceptable Data Use Policy

This Acceptable Data Use Policy is not the same as the Master Acceptable Data Use Policy found on the 4G Antenna Shop website.  The terms for Infinite Advantage are listed below.

4G Antenna Shop uses an access point name (APN) to manage the content and delivery of our service, enabling us to monitor traffic and ensure that end-users remain in compliance with our Acceptable Data Use Policy.  The kinds of traffic that we predominantly limit are those that consume excessive amounts of data in short periods of time and create tower congestion that limits other end-users.

The following is a list of common activities that we may restrict, limit or disallow:

  1. Peer-to-peer networking services – also known as “torrenting.”
  2. Use of any Access Point Name that is not provided by 4G Antenna Shop Inc.
  3. Use of more than 200GB of data per month on a single SIM card.
  4. Resale and subsequent utilization of service for public or “internet cafe-style” use.

Limiting these services is imperative to reducing network strain and ensuring that most users see equal speeds and access.  All lines have a data allotment and service may be slowed, suspended, restricted or terminated for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or our ability to provide quality service to other users.

Any plan on our service will see their speeds reduced to up to 256Kbps or service stopped completely after 200GB of usage on any single service plan, or if using an APN that is not assigned by 4G Antenna Shop Inc.

Data Abuse Counseling Program

Our Data Abuse Counseling Program is not used nor required for Infinite Advantage service types as this network is automatically managed for efficient and fair usage by and for all users.