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Now you can work from almost anywhere with the power of our advanced fixed wireless nationwide network. Infinite Internet provides reliable connection designed for the new at home workplace.

High Speed Wireless Data Included!

Starting at only $99.99 per month

Best value in Home Office Internet for employees that work from their home.

Infinite Internet Corporation is on a mission to expand and enhance your fixed wireless Internet experience.

Now featuring Fixed Wireless Internet over AT&T Fiber to provide the most robust end user experience.

The wait is over!

Infinite Internet launched it’s new Fixed Wireless Fiber network design with you the end user in mind. This is a major overhaul of our Internet business model.

Being the leader of this Fixed Wireless program in Rural America gives us the advantage as we strive to be innovative in every improvement we make.

We at Infinite Internet are serious about investing in your Internet experience by using a high speed corporate grade fiber network in conjunction with the AT&T Wireless network to enhance your quality of service, data delivery speed and network latency.

Join Infinite today and protect your investment with an AUTHORIZED AT&T service and solutions provider.

Infinite Internet we are the innovators, designers, engineers, and the manufacture of the GTEN Modem device.

Easy to install, LTE/5G internet for your business and home office employees.

A better home office Internet plan designed around the mobile workforce.

Infinite Home Office Internet offers an easy to install, separate, dedicated internet connection for your employees.

No technician needed, Our GTEN Infinite vSeries LTE/5G routers ship directly to the employee for an easy self-install that takes less than 3 minutes. Plug in the power cord and your online — it’s that easy.


You are working with true innovators in the LTE/5G Internet design space, we offer 24/7 support from a team that creates solutions and makes a difference.

Infinite Home Office Internet is priced at only $75 a month for our base plan with all taxes and fees included. Infinite always offers higher data allotments, greater video conferencing streaming quality and a way better LTE/5G network.

Got questions? We have answers.

Infinite Home Office Internet delivers a dedicated, robust connection for employees working from home designed specifically to help America stay connected and working. Infinite maintains strong carrier relationships and with access to newest AT&T 5G network, wireless broadband for the home based employee is a reality.

Infinite Home Office Internet provides:

  • A LTE/5G broadband connection to allow remote workers at be safe at home while increasing productivity.
  • Enhanced Corporate-grade protection that is significantly more secure than personal shared Wi-Fi.
  • Access to a high quality authorized AT&T LTE/5G nationwide network so businesses can cut loose the hodgepodge of unauthorized data resellers and their inconsistent services.
  • Simple, easy, cost-effective deployment with a GTEN Modem router shipped directly to employee.
  • Employees can install in minutes in outside wires or technician needed.
  • Infinite’s best in class around-the-clock support from the Rural America innovator that has provided outstanding support for eight years straight.
  • More data high speed data allotments compared to same in class services offered by major competitors.
  • Unlike others, we still have no contracts or credit checks required.

At launch, Infinite Home Office Internet will cover more than 200 million businesses and their home office employees on the AT&T Wireless network.

Will Home Office Internet work with v6 Ultimate 5G Router?

Yes! Where available, the service can connect to the AT&T Nationwide 5G network. In most other areas, you will  experience AT&T’s best service on LTE.


The solution includes a high speed data allotment over wireless connectivity, a LTE router for purchase or lease and access to the most powerful LTE network in the nation – all for a single monthly recurring charge.

Can I bring my own device?

It is highly suggested that the use of the GTEN Infinite vSeries router would provide the best connectivity solution.
Aftermarket devices may only temporarily provide data and may slow down speeds immediately or stop working completely.

Is this solution available everywhere?

Absolutely! Unlike our competitors that only offers this plan to eligible addresses across the nation. The INFINITE HOME OFFICE INTERNET is available at any address in the United States.

Is Infinite Internet an AT&T company?

No, we are a certified AT&T partner exchange member, license number MA0268454UA that is authorized to provide services and equipment on the AT&T Wireless and Wireline networks.

For the complete plan details please click here.

Infinite Home Office Rate Plan

Designed for employees that work from home.

Effective Date: September 21st, 2021

Retail Price: $99.99 MRC (Base Plan)

Additional Data options for this program are available. Contact us. 


Market Availability: United States ONLY

Plan Summary

A plan designed for the employee who works from home, Infinite Home Office allows you to work with peace of mind knowing that your internet is backed by the most powerful nationwide LTE/5G AT&T network. You can video conference, communicate and share large files all at the same time.

How it works?

AT&T does not offer unlimited services for a Fixed router or Mobile hotspot device. Beware of any seller offering “UNLIMITED” internet services they are most likely not authorized to do so.

This plan features the 300 Gigabytes of usage at our highest priority speeds available in your local area. After you have exceeded the base allotment, you can purchase additional data packs at a discounted rate. Once you reach your usage allotment, your service will be stopped till your next data cycle (28th of each month).

That’s a LOT of data for only $99.99, all taxes and fees and included.

Need more high priority high speed data?

We can help! For an additional discounted fee you can add a second line of service, contact our customer service team for assistance.

At Infinite we are bringing home the value!

Better network, faster speeds, higher data allotments, superb quality streaming capability and all this with no contract commitments or credit check. Now you can work in peace during this unprecedented time in our country.

Can we make this any better? Yes, we can!

Working with Infinite Internet means you have exclusive access to the full line of GTEN high quality products designed by the innovators in this business. For a limited time get our GTEN device and save $20 off the purchase price, GTEN advanced devices feature Gigabit Ethernet ports and extended range AC Wi-Fi 5.

Terms & Conditions

INFINITE HOME OFFICE PLANS: DATA RESTRICTIONS: NONE during the allotment, After 300GB on 4GAS Private APN Fiber fixed wireless network, all data usage is stopped until the end of the billing cycle. Audio and video streaming, picture and video messaging, and other data usage will be impacted and may not be fully functional. High Definition (HD) Video: Enjoy any time access to video streaming, if and when available. Requires eligible hardware and video source. Ability to stream, video resolution, and other data usage (including speed) are not guaranteed, may vary, and be affected by a variety of other factors. Other restrictions apply.

TETHERING/MOBILE HOTSPOT: No restrictions on device or use case scenarios. APN must be set to authorized APN (where available)

5G+ NETWORK ACCESS & COVERAGE: Requires a compatible 5G+ device. 5G+ service is not available in most areas; it is available only in extremely limited parts of specific cities. See att.com/5Gforyou for details. Device will display 5G+ coverage indicator when used in an area where 5G+ coverage is available. 5G+ service is available outdoors within line-of-sight of cell site only. Other restrictions apply. 5GNETWORKACCESS&COVERAGE: Requires a compatible 5G device. 5G service is not available everywhere. See att.com/5Gforyou for details.

The rates set forth in this Rate Card are the rates that apply to Services provided under the Infinite HOME OFFICE INTERNET program as of the Effective Date indicated above. The rates listed below will apply for the monthly term of every line that is activated while this Rate Card is in effect. Subsequently published rates for HOME OFFICE INTERNET rates will not be applied retroactively to any monthly recurring charges for those previously ordered, continuously active lines in good standing and in accordance with the program requirements and the acceptable use Addendum.

The rates listed applicable to Service Components are subject to change from time to time as set forth in the program, including, without limitation, by publication of a new Rate Card. In such an event, as of the effective date of any new Rate Card, the new rates will replace the rates for the Service Components in any prior Rate Card for all subsequent orders.

Rate plan upgrades on HOME OFFICE INTERNET plan tiers can take effect the date of the rate plan change, or at the beginning of the next bill cycle. Backdated rate plan changes or plan tier downgrades are prohibited on these plans and will be charged at the higher rate.

References in this Rate Card to a Service Component are not an indication of the availability of a specific Service Component. Not all services or features may be available. Infinite Internet sales representatives should be consulted for specific Service Component availability information.



Use of INFINITE equipment is required. INFINITE is under a contract agreement for this product and is authorized to redistribute the service plan to any user deemed eligible based on coverage.

This rate plan does use the AT&T network and exclusively offers this plan on the Nationwide AT&T fixed wireless/wireline network.

Infinite HOME OFFICE INTERNET is a nationwide connectivity solution that provides a data only LTE/5G wireless connection for use at fixed locations using authorized LTE/5G enabled equipment.

Eligibility: Available only to business customers. Eligible Devices: Plans may only be used for a SIM card line with a qualified data-only wireless router located in a fixed location using machine-to-machine business applications needing wireless data communication between the router and Customer’s data center. Each qualified device activated with an Infinite A HOME OFFICE INTERNET plan must have a primary place of use (“PPU”) within AT&T’s owned and operated wireless network coverage area within the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands (“Domestic Coverage Area”). Solution Provider may not use Service with any device other than INFINITE HOME OFFICE INTERNET approved LTE enabled routers. INFINITE may place the non-complying device(s) on the appropriate plan(s). If a device not designed for the Service is used with this rate plan, IIC reserves the right to switch customer to an appropriate plan. Data: Plans do not include roaming. Tiered Data Speeds: Data speeds for each plan are maximum data speeds; actual speeds may be slower, particularly after a usage threshold has been met. Peak data speeds are not available in all AT&T 4G/LTE coverage areas and may require 5G Evolution capable devices. Data Restrictions: After a data usage threshold on a line has been met in each month, AT&T may slow the data on that line during periods of network congestion for the remainder of that billing cycle. Fair usage thresholds are 300 GB for this plan. See att.com/broadbandinfo for details on AT&T network management policies. Infinite HOME OFFICE is not intended solely for use with residential services. Excessive Use Policy: Infinite HOME OFFICE INTERNET lines are intended to be used for End User Customer’s official business use only. Infinite HOME OFFICE INTERNET service plans on the cellular data network will be used for business-critical applications and business critical data. HOME OFFICE INTERNET recommends that the device be used with our APN solution to manage end user traffic and ensure end user is not in violation of the use restrictions. INFINITE will identify users with excessive usage and will notify the End User Customer to review if the usage is in line with official business use for business-critical applications and business critical data which does not include residential uses. If user is not in compliance with these terms. INFINITE will work to identify and implement an alternative solution, included (but not limited to) discussing efforts for Wi-Fi offload, application settings, and other network efficiency adjustments such as using a managed service to restrict usage. INFINITE may provide excessive usage notification after any billing period; INFINITE will have the following billing period to take action upon receipt of the notification. Failure to take action could result in the line being disconnected or moved to another rate plan and loss of future access to plans.

Infinite HOME OFFICE INTERNET Acceptable Data Use Policy Review AUP for more information

Featuring modems designed by

We offer the very best equipment options for your new service plan.

The GTEN series of 5G/LTE Modems use superior technology to deliver enhanced 5G/LTE connectivity to your home business. GTEN has made the commitment to serve the Rural American community with quality wireless products for foreseen future. Innovation starts with GTEN.

GTEN Model 4 R2 LTE Edition

GTEN Model 5 MAX LTE Edition

GTEN Model 6 ULTIMATE 5G Edition

GTEN Outdoor Antenna

Dare to compare! Infinite Home Office Internet is the only choice for your business needs.