Infinite Internet

Fixed Wireless Internet services offering best in class internet speeds with nationwide coverage.


Featured Authorized provider of Fixed Wireless services and products:

Replace your antiquated Satellite provider with internet from your local neighborhood cell tower.    

Easy to install, LTE/5G internet for your business and home office employees.

A better home office Internet plan designed around the mobile workforce.

Infinite Home Internet provides an easy to install, dedicated internet connection for your employees.

No technician needed! Our GTEN® | Modems ship directly to the employee for an easy self-install that takes less than 3 minutes. Plug in the power cord and you are online — it’s that easy.

You are working with true innovators in the LTE/5G Internet design space, we offer support from a team that creates solutions and makes a difference.

Infinite Home Internet is priced at only $109.99 a month for our base plan with all taxes and fees included. Infinite offers high data allotments, greater video conferencing streaming quality and a much better LTE/5G network.

Dare to compare! Infinite Home Office Internet is the only choice for your business needs.

Infinite Home Internet delivers a dedicated, robust connection for employees working from home. Designed specifically to help America stay connected and working. Infinite maintains strong carrier relationships and with access to the newest AT&T and Verizon nationwide 5G network.

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